Kagamine Rin & Len Mistletoe The Tree of Reincarnation Instrumental

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Lyrics of Song "Mistletoe The Tree of Reincarnation"
Connected by our destiny
two hearts, together as one
Faded wounds - start to open wide
As the two of us - stand here side by side
For the sky we were both meant to fly in 
Has come undone

The red across the sky
Slowly descending, spreading the dusk along the horizon
The blue feathers upon my wings
If I could be only following my heart and fly even farther...

The paradise of the mistletoe
is a land ruled by both light and shadow
Beneath the old tree
Darkness hiding in shade casted by the light through the leaves
Our meeting long been decided, it’s fate that one day we clash in bloody war
Ripping the sky apart - Tearing the earth apart
Waking the  inside our hearts

Connected by our destiny
two hearts, together as one
Faded wounds - start to open wide
As the two of us - stand here side by side
And the hands we held tightly now come undone
But even if our fate insists,
Continuing to tear us apart
I believe, come another dawn, yes with all of my heart
In the day, you and I, hand in hand will take to the sky…

At last, now past the long years of enmity
Two birds finally put aside antipathy
To warm their feathers together

They sing - melodies desperately praying to all the world
So tired of fighting,
They join their hands
And leave the Mistletoe quielty...

Still, history plays itself over
The wars will go on forever
They hold to their truce
Standing tall by their choice to forgive - the red and the blue
However, the gods won’t allow this
Preferring a story that sounds much crueler:
Red wings will take blame for the  at stake 
Falling, engulfed by a pit of flames

Divided by our destiny
Our kindness put to a stop
Even though - we try to forgive
Evil we can’t see - haunt us as we live
And the wings we have nurtured are severed off
Is there no way? To change our fate?
This endless cycle of grief
But the flame, bursting out in red to take vengeance on blue
In its wrath, burnt away all my dreams of flying with you…

I’m crying out,
I’m screaming out,
Until my voice has run out
But I know - even if I cry
That no matter what - as I wipe my eyes
All the tears in the world won’t bring back your life...
The fire in
Your soul has dimmed
There’s nothing more I can do
So I hold sins that I’ve atoned yet unhealed with wounds
Finally giving into the full darkness of truth...

Devoured by the flame of grief
My vision is clouded in red
I cannot stop my straying soul
From awakening as it takes control
And my sorrowful tears turn to rage instead!
There is no way to change our fate
Forever bound to despair
Our lament piercing through the land, blue as the morning air
I declare - I will fight once again, as I take to the sky….
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