Dan Balan (Дан Балан) Johanna (Shut Up) Instrumental

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Uploaded: October 19, 2012
Lyrics of Song "Johanna (Shut Up)"
Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up

Feel me, touch me, gimme some more
Please me, please me stop at the store
And make me nicer, brighter, wiser
Buy me some more, more, more
Feel me, touch me, gimme some more
Call me, text me, answer the phone
And make it faster, faster, listen
Talk to me more, more, mo-mo-more

And when she tries to stop
She just stops to start
Big Love needs time, shut up
You better save big love
For the linden trees
And let me live my life
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up

Johanna, why don't...Pop..Shut it up
Why don't you kill me...Pop...Shut up
Why don't you feel me...Pop...Shut up
Pop-pop...Shut up, Pop-pop Shut up

Shut you up, Shut you up
Tup-tu-ru-ru-ru, Tup-tu-ru-ru-ru
Up! Shut you up, Shut you Up
Tup-tu-ru-ru-ru, Tup-tu-ru-ru-ru.
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