Infernal From Paris to Berlin (Ayur Tsyrenov) Instrumental

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Uploaded: Ayur Tsyrenov @ June 19, 2017
Ayur Tsyrenov, DJ Mexx, DJ Modernator - From Paris to Berlin (Infernal Cover)
Lyrics of Song "From Paris to Berlin (Ayur Tsyrenov)"
Patience is a game and every night i say your name
Hoping that you'll answer cause i'm going insane
It's quite a long time ago you brought me out of control
Hungry for you love and like i know what that might be

From Paris to Berlin and every disco i get in
My heart is bounding for love bounding for love
Cause when i'm thinking of you and all the things we could do
My heart is bounding for love
You left me longing for you

Teasing was the thing and now i just can't let it go
Maiden you were something no-one else needs to know
I guess i'm thinking of you like i would know what to do
When i found you but i don't i've got no clue
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