Jennifer Paige Crush (ALEX67 Remix) Instrumental

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Uploaded: ALEX67 @ March 16, 2017
Lyrics of Song "Crush (ALEX67 Remix)"
Ah, crush, ah
I see ya blowin' me a kiss
It doesn't take a scientist
To understand what's going on baby
If you see something in my eye
Let's not over analyze
Don't go too deep with it baby
So let it be what it'll be
Don't make a fuss and get crazy over you and me
Here's what I'll do
I'll play loose
Run like we have a day with destiny
It's just a little crush (crush)
Not like I faint every time we touch
It's just some little thing (crush)
Not like everything I do depends on you
Sha-la-la-la, sha-la-la-la
It's raising my adrenaline
You're banging on a heart of tin
Please don't make too much of it baby
You say the word "forevermore"
That's not what I'm looking for
All I can commit to is "maybe"
So let it be what it'll be
Don't make…
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