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Lyrics of Song "Cease Fire"
In glory a soldier I stand till the end
A golden revolver I hold in my hand
The trigger that I never squeeze
The war that brings me to my knees
I'm tired of fighting for peace
When I am alone on the frontline
I need you to stand next to me

Baby ceasefire fire fire
Throw down your weapons weapons weapons
I'm on your side your side your side
So please ceasefire fire fire
Ceasefire make it stop

Drop down your defences I'm raising my flag
This fighting is hopeless we need this to end
It's going too far don't now where it began
We're hurting each other and I can't pretend
I'm trying to help you to see
The casualties that we both lead
It's all so unnecessary
Can't you hear me scream


Rolling out
White flag I surrender
Keep it up
Make it stop
We can do better
Pain and hurt
Living in fear
Wasted energy
In the end
What is it worth
What is our legacy [2x]

Follow me now
I'm gonna announce
Somebody help me
I need you now
Why can't you see
Got to believe me
Fighting for peace
Here release
Won't you relieve me
I'm on your side
Swallow your pride
You can confide in me
Army afoot
Rise of the sun
Shining for all to see
Enemy's left
Victory's won
No negativity
We can be free
Free as the king
Who won my destiny

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