Q: Unable to play tracks.

Possible reasons:

1. Unsupported or outdated browser version. If you using Opera Browser & Windows 7, open
opera://flags/?search=media-windows-mf-demuxer and select Disabled.

2. Turbo mode / Data Compression Proxy is enabled.

3. Temporary server issues.

Please try reloading the page (Ctrl+F5) or try some other browser.

Q: Please make / help me find the backing track.

Sorry, we can't help. All tracks are uploaded by our users.

Q: How to download tracks?

Click the ••• button on the bottom or song name in the tracklist.

Q: How can I add my backing track?

The upload page is here.

Q: How to trim an MP3 file or make it louder?

We strongly recommend that you use mp3DirectCut.

Q: How do I delete my account?

Send us an email (see the bottom of the page).
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